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XXXIII and XXXIV International Cat Show in Szczecin

Aktualności » XXXIII and XXXIV International Cat Show in Szczecin

Welcome to Cat Club Pomerania Cat Show

4 and 5 of June 2022

To be held at Sports Hall of School Nr 3 in SZCZECIN

Address: Zespół Szkół nr 3, ul. Generała.Józefa Sowińskiego 1

Closing date (applying and payment): 29 of May 2022

Invited Judges:

- Mrs. Helene Reiter, DE – ALL

- Mrs. Jurgita Gustaitiene, LT - ALL

- Mr. Yan Roca Folch, FR – ALL

- Mrs. Marta Ziemiańska  (NO/PL) - cat: 1, 2


Chief of stewards: Mrs. Cecylia Barczak


– We reserve the right to change the list of officiating judges


Show plan:

Saturday /Sunday

Entrance and veterinary check-in 7.30 – 9.30/ 8.30 – 9.00

Corrections 9.30 – 9.45 /8.30 – 8.45

Judging and nominations 10.00 – 15.30  / 9.00 – 15.00

Best in Show 16.00-17.30   /  15.30-17.00


Entry forms: Completely filled and confirmed by the own organisation please send to: -address: ul. Żytnia 10, 62-064 Plewiska. Poland

- e-mail: irena.nalewaj@felispolonia.eu

- electronic entries /on-line/: http://ccp.miau.pl


The payment for the foreign exhibitors and exhibitors who are not FPL members (in Euro €):

Entry fees 1 DAY 2 DAYS

Cats KL. 1,3,5,7,9,11 45 € 60 €

Cats KL.12, VETERAN, NEUTER 35 € 45 €


LITTER 65 € 70 €


DOUBLE CAGE 15 € 30 €

Advertisement in the catalogue – 1 page: 35 €, ½ page: 20 € If

You will pay on the show, extra 15 EURO / PER CAT


WILL BE REQUIRED Bank account:

PL10 1140 2004 0000 3112 1443 9261



In the title of the transfer include the name and surname of the exhibitor, name of the cat and days of the show.

Veterinary conditions:

 All exhibiting cats must have micro chip, must be healthy, free from infections and parasites.

 All cats must have a valid vaccination certificate with the necessary vaccination against panleukopenia and respiratory viral diseases (done not earlier than 2 years before the show and at least 21 days before the show).

 The owners of the white cats must have the veterinary certificate of the examination of the cat’s hearing.

 All cats’ claws must be cut. Warning: There are all FIFe and FPL regulations in use. The right of entry to the exhibition have the cats who are at least four months old, are located in the catalogue and have passed the veterinary inspection. Registrations and cancellations after the closing date will not be accepted (FIFE Show Reg. art. 1.15 point a). The number of places are limited. The closing date can be accelerated. Cats must be in decorated cages until the exhibition is officially closed. The organizer reserves the right to correct the exhibition. The breeder, exhibitor should have on the show:

 Cat’s passport with the valid vaccinations and with the micro chip number

 Original entry form confirmed by the own club SIZE OF THE CAGE: 60X60X65 cm For more information please


contact: e-mail: biuro.ccp@gmail.com

Mr. Piotr Bogusz (language: German) +48 517-547-999

Mrs. Marlena Kępińska (language: English) +48 695-208-108



Cat Club Pomerania Szczecin