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Official statement of PFF Felis Polonia

Aktualności » Official statement of PFF Felis Polonia

   To all concerned,

   The Board of Polish Feline Federation Felis Polonia is concerned about information appearing in social networks suggesting extraordinaryincrease of morbidity in Polish catteries.

   It is worrying that all these information come only from social networks, which should not be a source of substantive knowledge –nowadays due to the easemanipulationsof information provided.

   All viral infectious diseases periodically cause increased morbidity, but this is phenomenon observed in both veterinary and human medicine.

   Large clusters of individuals of a given population (animals or people) always increases probability of contagion, but it is well known occurrence.

   Today PFF Felis Polonia confirmed with:

-Polish General VeterinaryInspectorate,

-PGV Subordinate Departments,

-veterinary clinics located in largest Polish cities

that during last 3 months there was no significantincreaseobservedin incidence of infectious viral diseases.

   As a Federation, since last 3 months, we also have not receivedany official notification, any reliable data indicating significantincrease in incidence of infectious viral diseasesThe only source of doubtful knowledge is social network.

  The Board of Felis Polonia assure that we do not neglect this situation and all Felis Polonia Clubs, Cat Show organizersreceived recommendation for tightening of veterinarian conditions. It is also important to underline the need of complying with the provisions setout in the vaccination calendar

   .At the end we would like to draw your attention and remind that social network is not reliable source of knowledge, andit can be dangerous tool in the hands ofpeople who want to manipulate the factualsituation to achieve their own goals.

   Polish Feline Federation Felis Polonia will always assist in all activities for supportinghealth and welfare of our cats, but we cannot leave without any comments unjustified accusations against Polish cats breeders.

                                                                                                                                            The Board of PolishFeline Federation Felis Polonia


Szczecin, 08 stycznia 2020